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  MIG with PULSE 
  expert to weld superthin 0.8mm
Functions & Features
1. Compared with TIG inverter, it not only inherits the advantages 
of TIG welding (beautiful forming, clear arc, easy welding process 
control, thin pieces welding), but also with high welding efficiency
(3 times than TIG), save electricity (equal to TIG400),
deep penetration, easily achieving automatic welding.  
2. Compared with CO2 shield welding (big spatter, narrow welding
options - not suitable for aluminum, aluminum alloy & other alloy),
pluse MIG welding excellent in following advantages:
1) Small welding spatter, even no spatter
2) High efficiency of wire melting
3) Good arc directivity, suitable for all-round welding
4) Good welding form, exquisite and beautiful, optional with pretty
fish scales by swinging mig torch
5) The droplet form of pulse welding is a pulse transits a droplet, 
in which way, the numbers of droplets could be changed in per 
unit time by adjusting the pulse frequency, namely made the welding speed changable.
3. Few bubbles, few pinhole with pulse mixing molten bath
4. Small deformation on thin workpiece, with good advantage of welding thick workpiece
5. Could be worked with mecanical hand.
Input Power Voltage / Freq. V/Hz AC380V±15% 50/60
Rate Input Power Capacity KVA 9.2
Inpur Current A 14
No-Load Voltage V 50
Output Current Range A 30-250
Output Voltage Range V 10-29
Duty Cycle (25ºc) % 60
Efficiency % 85
Type of Wire Feeder   Separate
Diameter of Spool mm 270
Insulation Class   F
Weight KG 61
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 495 x 232 x 495
Protection Class   IP23
Postflow Time S 1±0.5
Welding Thickness  mm 0.8 ≤
Diameter of Wire mm Carbon Steel 0.8/1.0
Aluminium 1.0/1.2



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